Link Between Traditions’ Menus & Mental Health

Guest Blogger Dave Kahn, Vice President of Culinary Services

Diet has a large part to play in mental health!

Quick Tips from Chef Dave:

Eat the Rainbow

Colorful fruits and vegetables such as apples, tomatoes, red peppers, blueberries etc. have higher antioxidant content, which in turn has been found to lower the rates of depression. The antioxidants also combat inflammation, which is linked to mental health. All with the added bonus these foods also provide a variety of vitamins, minerals, and fiber - important for overall health including mental health.

Importance of Protein

Adequate protein consumption with every meal (from sources such as meat, eggs, fish, beans, & tofu) have also been linked to adequate Tryptophan production, which in turn helps produce Serotonin, the ‘happiness hormone.’ Our entrées at Traditions have at least 14G of protein per meal.

Indulge in Healthy Fats

The healthy fats listed below have all been linked to better cell wall and brain health, which in turn may lower depression. Furthermore, these healthy fats, which are often rich in Omega 3, have also been found to lower overall inflammation. At Traditions, we regularly utilize Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our recipes. Salmon is also on our standing menu.

Link Between Key Vitamins & Folate to Mental Wellbeing

B vitamins, and especially Folate and B12 have also been found to relate to the state of mental health too. The best food sources of B vitamins are wholegrains (brown rice, barley), meat, seeds, nuts, eggs, legumes (such as lentils), dark leafy green vegetables and citrus fruit.

Cannot Go Wrong with Classic Balanced Diet

Make sure that each of your meals is balanced and it contains goods fats, protein and fiber from fruits and vegetables (frozen are fine).

And Avoid…

There are a number of foods which have been found to negatively affect mental health too. These include excess sugar containing foods and drinks, refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, biscuits, cakes etc.) and excess alcohol. Try to reduce consumption of refined carbohydrates and sugars as well as alcohol. At Traditions, we use honey in place of refined sugars whenever possible.



Jerry Byrd ~ Driver
Traditions of Deerfield

FEBRUARY EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTHMeet Jerry Byrd, our February Employee of the Month! Jerry was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio; although, he did spend 22 years in sunny Florida. Jerry has been a valuable member of the Traditions of Deerfield family as a driver for 2 ½ years.

When Jerry isn’t providing excellent transportation service at Deerfield, he loves spending his time buying, selling, and working on cars. He also enjoys walking and bargain hunting. Additionally, he loves spending time with his three sons, seven grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

When asked what he loves most about his job, Jerry said, “The residents are absolutely the best part of my job. I really value the relationships I have with each resident. I have developed a very special relationship with one resident; I help her stay calm and not worry about her doctors’ appointments.”

Jerry has always been a hard worker. “I started working at 10 years old selling newspapers.” He was also an excellent artist when he was younger.

When asked why they nominated Jerry for Traditions Employee of the Month, Sarah E. Rieger, Executive Director said, “Jerry is a true gift to Traditions of Deerfield. He wears many hats in addition to the title of Driver. He is a calm and pleasant presence around the community. We are grateful every day that Jerry is part of our community.”

Wendy Lastivka, Community Relations Director, went on to say, “Jerry is so helpful and caring. He takes a personal interest in each resident and is always looking for little ways to let a resident know they are special. We appreciate his can-do attitude every day.”

Traditions Couples Share Heartwarming Love Stories

We have the great honor of having many couples call our Traditions communities home. Their love stories are interesting, funny, surprising, and always inspiring. They were kind enough to tell us a bit more about how they met, how long they’ve been together, and their secrets to a successful marriage. Thank you for sharing your love stories...

Dan & Susan Shaffer
Traditions of Deerfield
Dan and Susan Shaffer

Dan and Susan Shaffer attended the same High School but did not know each other until they met in college through a mutual friend. They began a relationship, and on December 25, 1964, Dan proposed to Susan. He placed a diamond ring inside a Christmas ornament and asked her to be his wife and she said yes. However, in May of 1965, Susan called off the engagement and they parted ways. They both moved on with their lives and were married to other people for 30 years. In 1997 Susan reached out to Dan’s mother wanting to get in touch with Dan. His mother led Susan back to Dan and they met for coffee. They said they picked up right where they had left off 30 years prior. Dan said he always knew Susan was the love of his life and was very happy to have her in his life again. On October 22, 1998, they got married in a small church in Cold Springs, Kentucky, with their closest family and friends by their sides. In 2001 they relocated to Panama City, Florida, where Dan owned property. Susan often traveled back to Cincinnati to visit her 3 children and 6 grandchildren. However, in October 2018, hurricane Michael hit their town and destroyed nearly everything. Fortunately, they were able to salvage a lot of their belongings, but the town suffered a huge loss; even being able to use a phone was near impossible. Dan realized with the state of their city and knowing how much Susan missed being around her children and grandchildren, it was time to move back. So, in April of 2019, Dan and Susan chose Traditions of Deerfield as their new home. When asked how they’ve made their relationship work all this time Dan quickly responded, “I just don’t argue with her.”

Tony & Linda
Traditions of Deerfield
Tony and Linda

Tony and Linda were high school sweethearts who grew up in Wayne, Michigan; he graduated in 1965 and she in 1966. Tony joined the military after graduating, and when Linda graduated high school a year later, they decided to run off and get married. Tony chuckled and said, “It only cost me $10 for our wedding, $5 for a blood test and $5 for a marriage license.” They got married on December 30, 1966; this year they will celebrate their 57th wedding anniversary. Shortly after they wed, Tony was deployed overseas, and Linda began her 44-year career as an office manager for various doctors’ offices. They raised 2 sons. Tony sadly missed the birth of their first son - he was still overseas serving our county. He received notice from the American Red Cross that his wife had delivered a boy and that “mom and baby were doing well.” They struggled to have another child, and many years later found out that Linda suffered a medical issue that made it difficult for them to conceive another child. Once treated, they were able to have their second child (17 years later) and their family was complete. They adore the special bond their 2 sons have shared all these years, and still share despite the large age difference. Tony and Linda are proud grandparents of two grandchildren. They spent their entire life in Michigan until 2021 when they decided to move to Ohio to be closer to their sons. They settled in Lebanon, Ohio, in independent senior living, and less than a year later in May of 2022, they joined the Traditions of Deerfield family. Tony described Linda as a wonderful, dedicated wife and mother and was a great companion to him and still is. Linda described Tony as a hard-working man, and has been an excellent husband, the best she could ever dream of. Their advice for a long-lasting marriage is to just love each other and hold on to your faith.

Angie & Bruce Clair
Traditions of Deerfield
Angie and Bruce Clair

Angie and Bruce Clair met in their early 20’s, both born and raised in Rochester, New York. Bruce had already served in World War II, and upon returning from the war he earned his college degree in education and began his 33-year career as a high school English teacher. Bruce was also a quartet singer and performed frequently at his church. Angie at the time was working for Kodak and her friend was a member of the same church Bruce attended and performed. Angie’s friend asked if she would be willing to be the photographer for an event at their church where Bruce would be performing; this is where they first met. After a little time passed, Angie’s friend asked if she would be interested in going on a date with Bruce and Angie agreed. Her friend set up a double date for them. They dated for 1 year before getting married on December 22, 1951. This year they will celebrate their 72nd wedding anniversary. They have two children, one boy and one girl, 5 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. After spending their entire life in New York, Bruce and Angie decided it was time to make the move to be closer to their children and grandchildren in Ohio. In May of 2021 they uprooted from New York and joined the Traditions of Deerfield family. Angie said we may call Ohio our home now, but we will always root for the Buffalo Bills. When asked what their favorite thing about each other is, they both smiled and had the same sweet response, “So many things!” Bruce added that behind the scenes she is always working and taking care of him, their family, and their home, which she has happily done for 72 years. Angie also added that she loved Bruce’s singing and knew they were meant for each other when shortly after they started dating her father let Bruce drive his car, because nobody, not even Angie herself, was permitted to drive her father’s car. She realized instantly that if my father loves him enough to let him drive his car, that he was indeed a good man. Their advice to younger couples on how to achieve a long-lasting marriage is to keep their faith. The strongest marriages are built on a foundation of shared faith. The more you love God, the more capacity you will have to truly love each other.

Jack & Joyce Kiper
Traditions at Hunter Station
Jack and Joyce Kiper

Jack (91) and Joyce (88) Kiper, who call Traditions at Hunter Station home, have been married for 68 years. They have 2 wonderful children and 3 amazing grandchildren. Jack and Joyce met at a small store called Clover Farm in New Albany, Indiana. They were married at St. Mark’s church on March 21, 1954, and that same day took the train to Cincinnati, Ohio, for their honeymoon. Joyce smiled and said, “Jack took me on 3 dates before he kissed me goodnight, but I knew on the 2nd date that he was the one!” Before retiring, Jack was an executive in construction management and Joyce was and administrative secretary and homemaker. The couple’s favorite holiday is Christmas when they get to spend time with their children and grandchildren. However, they also enjoy sharing a box of chocolates and watching a good movie on TV for Valentine’s Day. Both Jack and Joyce said, “We are so very blessed to have each other.”

Tom & Cori
Traditions at Brookside
Cori and Tom

Cori and Tom are Traditions at Brookside’s “Beary” Special Valentines. They were neighbors who fell in love over their mutual love for Oreo cookies. Tom and Cori married in the Catholic church 31 years ago and have six amazing children.

John & Mary Lou Hughes
Traditions at North Bend
John and Mary Lou Hughes

John and Mary Lou Hughes have been married for 50+ years. The two met at Withrow High School when John was a Senior and Mary Lou was a Junior, and they have been together ever since. John worked as a truck driver for Grippo and Mary Lou was a tester at P&G. Their favorite thing to do together was play tennis and spend time at the Isadore Country Club with their good friends. John and Mary Lou have two children (Lisa and Craig), 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild. After these wonderful 50+ years together, John said his favorite thing about Mary Lou is her smile and laughter. Mary Lou stated that her favorite thing about John is his loyalty and thoughtfulness.

John & Josie Pozek
Traditions at Reagan Park
John and Josie Pozek

John and Josie Pozek met while Country Western dancing. There were married on September 23 and have been happily married for 24 years. They love shopping, and still enjoy dancing together! Prior to retirement, John worked as a carpenter and Josie worked in retail. Josie enjoys visiting friends in the Philippines and John likes to play chess. In his younger days, John also loved playing sports. Both said that they cherish being together more than anything.

Jim and Helen Fisher
Traditions at Reagan Park
Jim and Helen Fisher

Jim and Helen Fisher met while they were both attending Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. They have been happily married for 66 years and still love being together. Prior to retirement, Jim was a farmer and Helen was a homemaker. They love attending church and watching TV together.

Lee and Phyllis Zabrocki
Traditions at Beaumont
Lee and Phyllis Zabrocki

Lee and Phyllis met while he was in the Marine Corp, and she was in Nurses Training. They were married just over a year later, and Phyllis refers to her husband as the ‘Man of My Dreams’. Lee and Phyllis have been married 62 years and have been blessed with 3 sons, 13 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren! Pastor Zabrocki retired last year after 55 years of Pastoral Ministry where the children who had a hard time pronouncing his name called him ‘Pastor Broccoli’. Phyllis was an Encourager to Missionary Women in Japan and the Philippines! They have lived in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, Nebraska, California, Florida, and Canada before settling here in Louisville, Kentucky. Lee and Phyllis have traveled throughout the US teaching Parenting Classes, Marriage Enrichment, Evangelism Explosion, Bible classes and led a Bible Lands Tour. Lee and Phyllis remain quite active in the Traditions at Beaumont community, and they love having them as a part of their Beaumont family.

Melvin & Karen
Traditions of Lebanon
Melvin & Karen

Melvin “Mel” and Karen were both born and raised in northern Ohio near Toledo. They didn’t know it, but they were living very near each other in grade school, moving to different areas of town for high school. In 1963, Karen applied for and got a job working with a research facility with Owens Illinois, Inc. Mel was also working there at that time as one of the researchers. They became good friends and even played Euchre as partners at lunchtime each day with their co-workers. That was the beginning of their love story, and in May of 1965 it resulted in their now 58-year marriage. They have been blessed with six children and wonderful daughter- and sons-in-laws. They have been further blessed with 24 grandchildren and great grandchildren living in various states from north to south. Mel and Karen have lived in five different states, working in major and minor cities in Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. They have also traveled through all 50 states and some of Europe. They are currently back in Ohio where they are enjoying being near their youngest son, his wife and their 2 sons. When the time came for Mel to enter a facility, Karen said, “We chose Traditions of Lebanon as the community that would take the best care of Mel and have not been disappointed in the almost 8 months that he has lived there. The entire staff – aides, nurses, receptionist, and management – are the best and we feel blessed to have him in their care.”

Lynn & Bev Werling
Park Place Senior Living
Lynn & Bev Werling

Lynn and Bev Werling met on a blind date for a corporate Christmas party and dance back in 1966. Lynn said he is lucky because Bev was supposed to have a different date, but he backed out at the last minute. Three years after their first date Lynn asked Bev to marry him on Valentine’s Day, and they married that same year on August 2, 1969. Lynn and Bev raised their family on a farm. Prior to retirement, Lynn was a farmer and Bev was a homemaker. Their favorite thing to do as family was go ice skating in ice shows with their daughter. Lynn and Bev’s favorite memory was after Lynn retired and they spent time on a cruise ship between four island stops. Bev is a member of Park Place Senior Living’s Varietas community. Lynn spends a lot of his free time with Bev doing activities in Park Place Activity Room.

Dave & Charlotte “Doot” Reschly
Traditions at West Park Place
Dave & Charlotte Reschly

Dave and Charlotte “Doot” Reschly met online in their 70's after both being widowed after nearly 40 years of marriage. Their spouses had suffered for years from lingering illnesses, so they were delighted to begin a new life! Dave and Doot were both eager to travel and travel they did, traversing the US from coast-to-coast and border-to-border. They soon discovered cruising and saw more of the world from Alaska to the Panama Canal. They went on eleven cruises during mostly the winter months because they were also avid gardeners. It was that fact that made them decide to finally to move to a more relaxed lifestyle! They couldn't stand to watch the weeds take over! Plus, their kids said it was time! Dave and Charlotte said, “We have been pleased with our decision from the beginning. We are close to our families and our church. The staff here at Traditions at West Park Place is just wonderful! They are friendly, courteous, and helpful. Our wish is that everyone should be so blessed.”

Forrest & Sharon Gorkowski
Traditions at West Park Place
Forrest & Sharon Gorkowski

Forrest and Sharon will be married 66 years in May. They both have January birthdays; Sharon is 20 days older than Forrest and he always jokes that he married an older woman. Forrest met Sharon in his second year of college in Iowa. Forrest joined the army after college and was stationed in Germany; Sharon traveled to Germany to marry Forrest when they were 21 years old. After leaving the Army, they moved back to Iowa where they started their family. Sharon was busy raising 3 children while Forrest ran his insurance company. They both loved to travel and have had many adventures along with family and friends.

Bill & Harriett Weaver
Traditions at North Willow
Bill & Harriett Weaver

Bill and Harriett met on the job; he was her boss. Their friendship grew into a deeper relationship and eventually Harriett left that company so that their romance could progress. They were engaged soon afterwards. They recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Bill and Harriett have five sons; two live nearby in Indianapolis, two live in Evansville, Indiana, and one is deceased. They have nine grandchildren and 14 great grandchildren, located in Indiana, Ohio, and Texas. When their sons were children, Bill enjoyed being active in Little League and Boy Scouts. Bill was also an avid hunter in Indiana, Montana, and Colorado. He even went on a black bear hunt in Canada. Bill also enjoyed videotaping family occasions and vacations and making copies for other family members as well as growing roses and listening to country western music. Harriett has always enjoyed planning and hosting family gatherings of all kinds. She also spent many happy hours planning family vacation trips down to the last detail. Harriett enjoyed photography: family, places, nature, flowers. Harriett often entertains herself with word games and puzzles. The couple's happiest times have been those family gatherings and vacations. They enjoy visiting museums, national parks, and historical sites. They also enjoy the endless beauty that fills this country.

Clyde & Mary Cox
Traditions at North Willow
Clyde & Mary Cox

Mary and Clyde grew up in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, and rural central Kentucky, respectively. They met while both working at General Electric Appliance Park in Louisville in 1955 which had then just opened (and apparently was the 1950’s version of online dating!). They married on Dec 28, 1956, and made a life together in Louisville and then later in Naples, Florida. They have 2 children and a whole passel of grandchildren and great grandchildren whom they adore (and vice versa). They both are very proud of their heritage and cherish family, which they have passed along to their kids. Mary and Clyde have traveled throughout their married life. Mary’s wanderlust led to suggestions to visit places that were exciting and Clyde, with an eye for the natural beauty of our Earth, making sure that they got their feet and hands on the ground of this incredible world. Between them, they would plan and execute fun and educational travels with multiple kids, grandkids, cousins, and friends in tow. Mary and Clyde balance and challenge each other to differing world views. Mary loves to cook, feed, entertain, dance, sing and ‘keep it real’ while Clyde is a philosopher. He is quiet and happy to read but loves to eat and watch Mary whip up her magic for him and others. Above all, they are devoted to one another. One of their children stated, “I can honestly say that they never have a mean word between them and have truly been there for each other in sickness and in health. All those who have been blessed to have been with them would say theirs is a love for all seasons.”

Gil & Marcie Opferman
Traditions at North Willow
Gil & Marcie Opferman

Gil and Marcie met at a neighborhood Condor Club Mixer, and it was love at first sight. It wasn’t too long before wedding bells were ringing on September 16, 1950; just 73 short years ago. Both came from large families (12 and 6 brothers and sisters respectively), and everyone lived within walking distance on the South side of Chicago. One of their favorite things were family gatherings which were regular occurrences, celebrating birthdays, communions, confirmations, baptisms, Christmases, many weddings, and playing cards. Eventually Gil and Marcie had their own family of 3 sons and 1 daughter which has greatly expanded over the years. Gil and Marcie also loved to travel, attending Square Dance conventions across the country, visiting friends and family, many National Parks, and exploring the world all while living their dream.

Eugene & Evelyn Ziegler
Traditions at Solana
Eugene & Evelyn Ziegler

Evelyn and Eugene Ziegler will celebrate their 74th anniversary on March 11th. They met 75 years ago at the Chamber of Commerce in Fort Wayne, Indiana. They met while Evelyn was a secretary and Eugene was working part time to help pay for schooling. Quickly, they decided to open a business of their own called, The Ziegler’s Drive In located in Linton, Indiana. Evelyn was the hostess and cook making homemade pies every day. Their favorite combo meal served was the “toasted cheeseburger” which came with fries and a shake. Eugene and Evelyn had two daughters together, Laura and Cynthia. Their favorite thing to do as a couple and family was to travel by cruise. Some of their favorite destinations included: Hawaii, Bahamas, Canada, and Mexico. Today, they enjoy each other’s company by watching basketball and the Andy Griffin Show together.

Jim and Martha
Middleton Senior Living
Jim and Martha

Jim and Martha have spent 26 years together and have enjoyed racing their horses at the National Parks and Metro Parks as well as going to auctions for antiques. Jim has 3 children, 3 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Martha worked for the City of Columbus for 31 years and Jim taught school for 36 years as well as farmed. Martha raised and showed Dobermans and English Pointers. She also raised a foster son who retired from the Navy and will also retire from Homeland Security. Jim and Martha said that the secret to a happy relationship is having the same interests and maturity. They enjoyed Peggy’s Cove together as a couple and just being out enjoying the wonders of nature.

Bill & Virginia Baker
Middleton Senior Living
Bill & Virginia Baker

Their story is a true testament of love through the test of time. Bill and Virginia Baker met in high school when they were both 16 years old. They had their first date at a football game in Martins Perry, Ohio. They were married on January 26, 1946. In the span of their long and loving relationship, they enjoyed dancing and taking trips with their six children. Last month, Bill and Virginia celebrated their 77th wedding anniversary at Middleton! They say happiness is growing old together with the love of your life. Bill and Virginia have been together since their teenage years and have essentially grown up together and grown old together! Now that’s what we call “Forever Love!”

Bill & Vicki Luke
Meadow Brook Senior Living
Bill & Vicki Luke

Bill and Vicki Luke are from Sanborn, Iowa. Bill’s cousin was one of Vicki’s best friends in high school. Vicki told Bill’s cousin that she was going to marry Bill one day. The cousin said, “Good luck because he doesn’t date, he is married to sports.” They became the “proverbial” cheerleader/quarterback couple. The first movie they saw together was The Blob. Neither Bill nor Vicki ever dated anyone else. On March 6 they will be celebrating their 64th wedding anniversary. They have one daughter, Lisa, one son, Lance, and 4 grandchildren. Vicki, who retired at 63, worked for several doctors, was an EMT, and a bartender. Bill had his own brokerage firm. Bill says Vicki has always been a good cook and doesn’t talk too loudly, and Vicki says Bill has always been committed to their marriage and family.

Joe & Jill Sturonas
Meadow Brook Senior Living
Joe & Jill Sturonas

Joe and Jill were both born in Chicago, Illinois. Joe knew who Jill was in high school and would see her dancing, but Jill didn’t know Joe. Once Joe left high school, he joined the Navy. When they finally “met” each other, it was love at first sight. They dated for 3 months… Joe likes to joke that he, “poisoned her mind!” They got married in Gary, Indiana, in January of 1961; they just celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary. Joe and Jill have one daughter, Barbara, and one son, Joe Jr. During their marriage, Jill worked as a secretary in the steel mill (she had to quit when she became pregnant, as they didn’t allow pregnant women to work there), then worked as a secretary for State Farm, and later Purdue. Jill was also PTA President and a Girl Scout Leader. After the Navy, Joe worked as a rigger in the steel mill. In 1961, Joe went back to school and became a systems analyst. He ended up in California for a while working for Wells Fargo. Joe was the baseball coach for both of their kids’ baseball teams. Joe has always enjoyed working on projects and worked part time as a carpenter after retirement. They loved to visit Chicago, visiting museums, and going on boat rides. They also enjoyed going to Indiana Dunes. Jill appreciates Joe’s honesty, and Joe appreciates that Jill is extremely organized and takes care of him.

Andy & Betty Zabrucky
Apple Blossom Senior Living
Andy & Betty Zabrucky

Andy and Betty Zabrucky married on September 12, 1958. They met in 1954 when Andy worked for Eastern Airlines in Operations at the Pittsburgh Airport. Betty worked at the ticket counter and was flying in from Miami to work at the Pittsburgh Airport. They have 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Andy said that his favorite thing about Betty is the fact she stayed by his side all this time. They loved traveling and have been to many places including Norway, Amsterdam, Mexico, and Canada. They loved to canoe, ride motorcycles, and camp in their time together as well. Today they love relaxing and watching old westerns.

Joe & Pat
Traditions at Camargo
Joe & Pat

Joe and Pat have been happily married for 60 years; their love story began after meeting at work. They have three children, 2 daughters and a son (deceased). Joe stated that his favorite thing about Pat is her unconditional love and Pat loves Joe’s great sense of humor. Pat and Joe said that the secret to their 60 years of marriage is that each one of them gives 100% all the time. They cherish their memories of traveling with both family and friends. Dining with friends and playing cards are their favorite things to do together at Traditions at Camargo.

Paul & Diane
Traditions at Camargo
Paul & Diane

Paul and Diane’s love story began at the swimming pool where they first met. They have been married 55 years and have four children. Paul loves Diane’s sense of humor and Diane appreciates that Paul is dependable and patient. Both say that respect and honesty are the secret to a happy marriage. Over the years, dancing and vacations have been their favorite things to do together. Currently, they enjoy attending Traditions at Camargo’s Happy Hours together.

David & Francine
Traditions at Camargo
David & Francine

Francine and David have been married for 59 years; they met because Francine was dating one of David’s friends. They have two children, a son, and a daughter. David’s favorite thing about Francine is that she is a good wife. Francine loves David because, “a red-haired woman is something else to live with. He not only lives with me, but he also loves me all the time!” Francine and David said that the secret to a long marriage is to forget and forgive when you are having a hard ‘spell’. They have wonderful memories of white-water rafting. The love having their meals together, the music events they see together and the drumming classes they take at Traditions at Camargo.

Bob & Sue
Traditions at Camargo
Bob & Sue

Bob and Sue met through Sue’s girlfriend; her boyfriend went to high school with Bob. They set Bob and Sue up on a blind date at Coney Island and the rest is history. Bob and Sue were married in October of 1962; they just recently celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They were blessed with four children, 3 daughters and a son. Bob’s favorite thing about Sue is that not only is she beautiful, but she is kind, outgoing and very helpful. Sue loves that Bob is a hardworking man who is always generous. The secret to their long marriage is being able to work things out no matter what came up. Their fondest memories are playing duplicate bridge for 10 years and traveling to bridge tournaments. They also enjoyed going to nearby casinos and Las Vegas trips. Bob and Sue said that going to friends’ houses for parties and going out to dinner with family and friends was also great fun. They love playing cards together (bridge and euchre) at Traditions at Camargo. Bob also enjoys reading books from Camargo’s Activity Room and Sue enjoys reading books and discussing at Camargo’s monthly Book Club.

Mike & Josie
Traditions at Camargo
Mike & Josie

Mike and Josie met at a church songfest and the rest is history! They have been married for 59 years and have two sons, Jeff and Phil. Josie loves Mike’s loyalty and Mike’s favorite thing about Josie is her dependability and her oatmeal cookies! When asked what their secret is to their long marriage, they agreed that having Christ at the center of their day is key. They also said to apply the Golden Rule, tell your spouse that you love them everyday and let them know how special they are to you. Thinking back, their favorite things to do together were traveling, camping and being with friends and family. They stated that they just love each other’s company. Mike and Josie love all the activities at Traditions at Camargo. But they love the people they have met at Camargo the most…they are warm and friendly. Mike and Jose both stated, “We’re family here!”

Richard & Barbara
Traditions at Camargo
Richard & Barbara

Richard and Barbara began their love story in Michigan. Richard was working on a dock when Barbara fell in the lake because of a loose board. They have been married since 1954 and have three wonderful children, Nancy, Marcy, and David. Richard’s favorite thing about Barbara is her cooking and Barbara loves that Richard always has a positive attitude! The secret to their long marriage is that they agree on almost everything. The count traveling is their favorite thing to do together and feel very blessed to just be together at Traditions at Camargo.

Bruce & Gloria
The Bristol Senior Living
Bruce & Gloria

The story of Gloria and Bruce’s first meeting is endearing. They were both attending a Saturday night singles dance at a local ballroom. Bruce saw Gloria from across the room and immediately knew he wanted to woo her. The problem was that there seemed to be a steady line of men asking her to dance. Bruce made a plan to hold a conversation with Gloria’s girlfriend until his opportunity came. Well, it did, and they ended up at the nearby late-night restaurant until 2:00 am talking. Gloria describes Bruce from that night as so very nice and interesting. From that night on, they never looked back. Although it did take a few proposals from Bruce before Gloria came back with a proposal of her own that got her a long, loving hug and kiss. Their wedding on November 27 was soon followed by a dream trip to Italy. There they enjoyed a gondola ride in Venice, a trip to the Vatican where they snuck in a Mass service (much to the chagrin of their tour guide), and a stay in a villa that was a converted convent. Over the years Gloria and Bruce have enjoyed their dance dates and taking in concerts and plays. All who know them witness their love for one another daily.

Art & Pinky Beck
Traditions of Columbus
Art & Pinky Beck

Art and Pink Beck were married on August 27, 1966, and have been married for 56 years. They met in college at a summer job working for the state. Pinky’s mom saw Art’s resume with his birthdate that was the same as her daughter’s and she wanted them to meet. They have two children and five grandchildren. Art and Pinky previously enjoyed trips to Naples, Florida. They currently enjoy eating meals together at Traditions of Columbus and watching sports - especially football!

Lance & Freida Williams
Traditions of Columbus
Lance & Freida Williams

Lance and Freida were married at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, and said they have “been married a long time.” Freida and Lance went to school together in Terre Haute, Indiana. Before retiring, Freida was a teacher and taught at a school across from the base where they were stationed in Biloxi. They have a son and daughter, twin grandsons and a granddaughter. Lance and Freida enjoy relaxing by the fireplace together and taking naps.

John & Shirley Boldt
Traditions of Columbus
John & Shirley Boldt

John and Shirley met at Camp Arcadia in Michigan working in the dish room together on Labor Day in 2021. Shirley says John would say she stalked him, but she did not. John says Shirley hooked him by laughing at all his jokes and keeping him hydrated. They were married on February 21, 2021, in the Chapel at Traditions of Columbus. They enjoy playing euchre with friends on Thursday afternoons and going to eat with friends at Harrison Lake Country Club. John and Shirley feel that their fellow residents in the Villas are their family!

Joe & Ann Mays
Traditions of Beavercreek
Joe & Ann Mays

Joe and Ann Mays will be married 63 years in June. Their number one piece of advice that they would give to young couples starting out is to be patient. Every couple needs to have patience in their relationship. Joe and Ann Mays first meet at a roller rink. Joe had just gotten out of the military and was looking for someone to settle down with and have a family. They married shortly after they met. Ann excitedly said yes to marriage because she just knew that he was the right man. Since then, they have traveled all over the world together.

Mel & Ida Lindner
Ashton Grove Senior Living
Mel & Ida Lindner

Mel (91) and Ida (101 ½) met in a bowling lane in Missouri in 1966. Ida worked there and Mel came in as an Air Force Recruiter to get a Coca Cola. Ida was also in the Bowling Hall of Fame in Missouri! They were both married at that time, and the two couples enjoyed spending time together. Ida and her late husband moved to Florida. On June 4, 2014, Mel’s wife passed away. Mel was living in Missouri at the time. He thought that he should call Ida and let her know. Ironically, Ida’s husband had passed away that very same day. They supported one another through the funerals and decided quickly that they were better together. Mel and Ida were married 6 months later on December 24, 2014. They celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary last year. Mel and Ida enjoy playing cards, dancing and bowling. When asked what his favorite thing about Ida is, Mel said, “All of her!” When asked the same question, Ida replied, “All of him!”


Deerfield Fit Minds Weekly Classes

FIT MINDS: Life Changing Mental Stimulation

Cognitive Stimulation Training is a non-medicated alternative for treating symptoms of Mild Cognitive Impairment, Dementia and Alzheimer’s. This training approach improves mood, quality of life, memory and attention span.


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Deerfield Fit Minds Weekly Classes

Traditions Senior Living Communities Receive 2023 Customer Experience Award from Pinnacle Quality Insight

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, February 6, 2023 – Traditions Management, one of the Midwest’s leading, privately owned providers of assisted living, memory care, and independent living announced today that it was the winner of the Pinnacle Quality Insight 2023 Customer Experience Award, with honors in:

  • Activities
  • Cleanliness
  • Combined Average
  • Communication
  • Dignity and Respect
  • Move-in Process
  • Personal Care
  • Quality of Food
  • Recommend to Others
  • Response to Problems
  • Safety and Security
  • Variety of Food/Menu Choices
  • Overall Satisfaction 

Qualifying for the Pinnacle Customer Experience Award means that Traditions Management communities placed in the top 15% of care providers nationwide across a 12-month average.

Andy Wade, COO and Principal of Traditions Management congratulated the winners. “This award and individual honors for our communities are so well deserved. Families and residents don’t limit their feedback to one interaction or experience, but cumulative satisfaction that only comes with daily excellence. Our team members focus on each resident and every aspect of care and wellness, so it’s wonderful for them to be recognized for their commitment.”   

Traditions not only celebrates the annual awards, but gathers real-time survey results each month to gain a better understanding of resident and family needs and to make improvements when necessary.

Community winners are as follows:


About Pinnacle Quality Insight

A customer satisfaction measurement firm with 26 years of experience in post-acute healthcare, Pinnacle conducts over 150,000 phone surveys each year and works with more than 2,500 care providers in all 50 US states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


About Traditions Management

Traditions Management is one of the Midwest’s leading, privately owned providers of Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care. Traditions currently owns and operates 27 senior living communities throughout the Midwest and northeast and continues to grow sustainably by practicing its Core Values of care with dignity, important versus necessary actions, socialization, choices, and service. For more information, please visit   


New Year's Resolutions that Mean Something

How to Make Them and Keep Them

The idea of making New Year’s Resolutions is really a very optimistic act, especially if we document or share them with others. Like making a grocery list or itinerary of everything we want to find and do. There are plenty of lists out there to tell you what others are doing. But that’s not really what this is about. We’re interested in meaningful change.  

But change is hard for most of us, right?  

And so this annual litany of things we’d like to find and do and be begins. It’s optimistic, but it can feel overwhelming. And when we get overwhelmed, well, that’s why more than half of the people who make New Year’s Resolutions end up abandoning them after six months. Even when we know they’re good for us.

Maybe instead of more resolutions, one on top of the other and all in the interest of self-improvement, we should make better ones. Ones that feel personal.


What matters most to you? That’s where you should start.

“If you do it out of the sense of self-hate or remorse or a strong passion in that moment, it doesn’t usually last long,” says Dr. Michael Bennett, psychiatrist and author. “But if you build up a process where you’re thinking harder about what’s good for you, you’re changing the structure of your life, you’re bringing people into your life who will reinforce that resolution, then I think you have a fighting chance.”

It also helps to make sure you’re as specific as possible. So instead of saying you want to eat healthier, maybe you focus on adding more protein and fiber to every meal, then identify foods that would fit the bill and work them into your snacking and meals.  

Or if you want to be more positive and grateful, rather than hoping you’ll feel that way each day, set aside 10 minutes each morning to think of two things you’re grateful for and something you want to accomplish. Even better, do this while you’re getting dressed or fixing breakfast, so you create a habit. Or write them down so you can come back to them.


“You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems.” You’ve probably heard of James Clear’s bestselling book Atomic Habits, his personal story of turning adversity into an opportunity to grow better incrementally.

A goal is good, but it can feel intangible and vague. A habit is automatic. It becomes part of your process, almost without thinking.

“Simple behaviors that can become habits that automatically help you achieve your goals make better resolutions than grandiose goals,” according to Christine Carter, Senior Fellow at The Greater Good Magazine, dedicated to science-based insights for a meaningful life, and author of The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Home and Work and Raising Happiness

So what does this mean exactly?

Work these small, new behaviors into your daily routine. Cue them up by attaching them to something you already do: When I watch my show each day at 2pm, I’ll have a piece of fruit. After church on Sunday, I’ll call a loved one to catch up. When I’m getting ready for bed, I’ll put on relaxing music and do some stretching.


According to research, it takes an average of about two months (66 days) to form a new habit, sometimes longer. Let’s assume it’s not going to be easy. If it came naturally, you’d already be doing it.

So, tell others about your resolution(s) to engage their support. And reward yourself along the way, even when (especially when) you have setbacks. Think of the way you would talk to and encourage a friend in the same situation.

Take notice of how you feel when you follow through, and when you don’t. You’ll start to see glimmers of change. Enjoy them! Then keep going.


New Year’s resolutions are a good thing! We are never finished growing and changing, and focusing on things we can do to be healthier and happier is wonderful.

So where will you start?

Here are some common, general resolutions that you can use to get you going. Make them specific, personal and attach them to things in your routine to turn them into habits:

  1. Eat healthier. Be specific. And start with small swaps or changes.
  2. Stay connected to family and friends. Make a list of the people who are most important to you and how and when you will reach out.
  3. Stay active. Start small by adding more steps, stretching at bedtime or taking a class with a friend.
  4. Stay sharp. Do puzzles, play Words with Friends, start a book club.
  5. Get enough rest. Set and stick to a regular bedtime, remove distractions and stay off electronics an hour before bedtime, even schedule in a nap or two.
  6. Get organized. Tackle a drawer a day, have someone help you sort through photos and put them into albums, make a list of important documents, keep them in a safe place and tell someone you trust where to find them.
  7. Keep learning. Take a class or lessons, be curious about others or ask a younger person to do some reverse mentoring (e.g. your grandchild teaches you about technology and you share your travel experiences).
  8. Stay positive. Some days are easier than others. Stay close to good listeners and be one yourself. Keep a gratitude journal or whiteboard. Get some fresh air. Surround yourself with people, food and things you love.

We’re pulling for you!

Happy Holidays and here’s to a happy and healthy 2023! To learn more about the ways we encourage Traditions residents to live life to its fullest, please visit us online at and find a community near you.


Why Renting vs. Buying Just Makes Sense When it Comes to Senior Living

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to senior living decisions. You and your loved ones are unique humans who have your own opinions, needs and preferences. Still, everyone’s situation requires a healthy dose of self-awareness and time to consider their financial, social and health requirements.

That’s why when people come to a Traditions community, one of their first questions is often whether they will rent or own. The second question? How much does it cost and how does it work?


Throughout our lives, we’re taught that building equity is desirable. Ownership affords certain freedoms, especially over time. With buy-in senior living, a resident either buys an apartment, condo or freestanding garden home or villa outright, or transfers their assets to a community’s equity trust. Your residence belongs to you, as do the decisions and financial responsibilities that come with owning.

You will be required to make a substantial up-front investment before you own your residence. Once you do, you pay monthly maintenance fees and association dues, as well as real estate taxes and assessments. Renovations are normally at your expense, as are utilities, and other services such as snow and trash removal.

Some level of care is normally available for an additional cost and that can be paid monthly or come from your pre-paid trust (something to confirm in writing). If your level of care exceeds what is available onsite, you may be required to move or make other in-home care arrangements.

Upon departure or death, a family member or your estate is responsible for monthly fees until your home or condo is resold. Resale pricing and profit will depend on an ever-fluctuating market, but whatever you make belongs to you or your family/estate.


Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs)—another buy-in option—are similar in terms of an upfront investment, but require that you qualify for certain financial and medical criteria before moving in. This option includes a substantial entrance fee and ongoing monthly charge that covers your care regardless of how your medical condition or financial situation changes.

Your investment here is for your present and future peace of mind regarding lifelong care, not to build equity. A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) covers your full progression of care, but it does not provide you or your family/estate with equity. Some CCRCs will refund a portion of the up-front entrance investment within a specified period of days, or once they sell the apartment, condo or freestanding home.


This is a very popular model for senior living communities because it is the least expensive up front and, in most cases, over time. There are also a lot of things that are included in the price of your rental.

Traditions communities are all rental communities, including independent and assisted living, as well as memory care. We believe in this housing model because it gives more seniors access to beautiful and comfortable living, amenities and present or future care options.

Rental communities work the same way most rental companies work, with a small refundable deposit and a monthly fee for rent. Residents are required to give notice (normally 30 days) before terminating their lease. Leases are normally renewed annually, but terms and pricing should be discussed.

Overall, rentals often give you more for your money, with villas and freestanding garden homes including attached garages, gated security, options to paint and choose some design features, home maintenance, yard work, snow and trash removal, utilities and full access to dining, amenities, social activities and events and transportation.

Assisted living and memory care rentals include three restaurant meals per day, all utilities, weekly housekeeping, weekly laundry service for bed linens and towels, 24-hour onsite caregivers, emergency response systems, onsite social, religious, recreational and wellness programs and activities and scheduled transportation to medical appointments and outings and events.

Rentals do have some restrictions on the type of large-scale changes you can make to your residence, and the ones you would be financially responsible for, but there is normally a good deal of flexibility on improvements.

Rentals normally have a continuum of care available to residents, which means they offer independent living, assisted living and memory care within one community. This arrangement often allows you to stay in the same villa, garden home or apartment if you can safely receive new levels of care in place. It also offers you the chance to receive care and assistance from people you know and trust.

We want every senior to find the living option that best meets his or her needs. To find a Traditions rental community near you, learn more about available options, floor plans and pricing and to schedule a tour, please visit us at



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Winter Home Visit

Nothing soothes the body and soul like yummy soup and hot chocolate on a cold winter day. Our Traditions sister communities recently had a great time making home visits and delivering Traditions Thermoses filled with our Chefs' delicious homemade soup and mugs to our future residents!

Traditions of Deerfield even made a special delivery to Firehouse #41!

Holiday Travels? Need a Respite Stay for Your Loved One?

A respite stay is the break that everyone, both caregivers and loved ones, receive from their everyday lives. Respite offers shorter stays so the loved one can experience our services and amenities while the caregivers take a much-needed break!

With the same caring staff and luxurious accommodations, our respite stays are a fun break for everyone involved. All the while, creating a sense of confidence, great memories, and new friends!

Contact Jennifer Gibbs for more information or to schedule your private appointment and secure an upcoming retreat!

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