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Bengals Super fan “Fireball Flo” Celebrates 105th Birthday at Traditions of Deerfield

They were partying well into the wee hours of the late afternoon this past Saturday at Traditions of Deerfield as Florence “Flo” Hackman, AKA “Fireball Flo,” celebrated turning 105 years old. 

Flo was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, to her parents Margaret and Henry, on December 16, 1918. She worked for the Union Central Life Insurance Company and later focused on being a homemaker.  Flo loves the Cincinnati Bengals, local firefighters, and Fireball whiskeyThe Deerfield Township Fire Department, Fireball Whisky, and just about every news station in town turned out to party with Flo and about 200 invited guests and fellow Traditions of Deerfield residents. 

Flo has a great personality, as you can see in this Halloween video. She is a beloved resident and is always the life of the party. Flo’s vitality reminds us of how joyful life can be as we age! Happy Birthday, Flo! 

UPDATE: It seems Flo’s story has caught the hearts and imaginations of the entire WORLD! Check out just a sampling of the hundreds of news stories and thousands of shares #FireballFlo received this weekend!