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Bethesda North Hospital Recognizes Traditions of Deerfield

Traditions of Deerfield's Sewing Club completed our second donation drop-off of baby quilts to our local hospital, Bethesda North Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. We were invited to attend Bethesda North’s Safety Meeting on Wednesday, September 21, to present our Sewing Club's beautiful, hand-crafted quilts.

Bethesda North’s Safety Meeting was attended by 80 people from their management team, including their President and CEO. Our Sewing Club was recognized in this meeting along our club President, June C.

Each blanket is lovingly laundered, folded, and wrapped with a gift tag that explains its origin and includes words of encouragement for the newborn babies, and their families, who are admitted into the NICU at Tri-Health Hospitals. Each incubator is covered with a quilt to block the bright lights of the NICU unit. Once the baby is ready to go home, the quilt is embroidered with the baby’s name and birthday.

When we practice our Core Values, a culture of genuine loving care comes naturally.